Who we are are…

What we do within "search" is proactive. When there is a position that absolutely requires the best candidate, when the consequences of a bad hire are too expensive, or too dangerous, then we eliminate chance from the hiring process.

For every role we take on, in search, we research the market and identify the specific candidates who will add the most value to our clients - then our head-hunters go out to "make it so" by bringing those candidates to your company. We don't get every candidate we go after - some simply won't move - but by approaching the whole market, and isolating the best there, we eliminate the ever-prevalent chance from job-boards and referral networks that you missed a candidate you weren't aware of, or a candidate who could have been persuaded a little better.

We're involved with the whole hiring process from developing a job description, interviews, offer-stage and on-boarding. We typically build long-lasting relationships with clients, and grow as our clients grow, by bringing on better people to strengthen their companies.

Please feel free to get in touch with our head office on +254 207 201 000 or selection@hallmarkrecruitment.com while our regionals can be reached on ethiopa@hallmarkrecruitment.com ; rwanda@hallmarkrecruitment.com ; tanzania@hallmarkrecruitment.com ; uganda@hallmarkrecruitment.com.