With the largest database in East Africa across multiple sectors we help our clients identify top talent quickly, effectively and each and every time we recruit.

Search & Selection

When a database search isn't powerful enough to identify that perfect candidate we proactively go out to the market to find them for you! That way our "database" is everyone!

Aftercare & Support

Gone are the days when recruiters vanish after the fee is paid! (Not that those days should ever have existed) We are proud of our retention rate and want to keep it!

Our only interest is in finding our clients the best candidates - not just making a fee

(Of course, that means our clients keep coming back to us - which means everyone is happy!)

What we do is very simple and has very powerful results. When we launched in East Africa we found that companies across the region were frustrated, disillusioned and angry with recruitment agencies that constantly promised to find quality hires and never delivered.

As recruiters ourselves, we were puzzled by this. There was evidently not a shortage of quality talent in East Africa - quite the reverse. We are usually pleasantly surprised when sourcing - finding better talent than we ourselves thought was possible.

So why were companies and agencies failing to find these candidates?

This answer was actually simple. It all comes down to sourcing methods. Many clients and companies were relying on tools that were developed in the '60s and '70s or earlier. Advertising in newspapers (or the newer iteration of job-boards and social media), screening panels and interviews based on psychometrics and assessment questions based on social sciences developed in the '20s and '30s.

Generally - continuing to use methods developed in the last century without being aware that to keep an edge in hiring talent, there are better and more precise methods available.

What are these methods? Well, the basic premise is that to hire great talent these days, you need to be pro-active, not passive. This means, if you are waiting for talent to come to you (i.e. job-boards, however modernized, or referrals from existing staff), you are passive - and you are waiting (and hoping!) that the best candidates come to you. A head-hunter, in comparison is active. Based on information you give, we go out, identify the best talent from the entire market (not just the small % of the market who apply to a job board) and persuade that talent to join our clients.

So why use Hallmark not internal HRs?

Well, for starters, with a more modern recruitment process, the training program is different! There is not a single course in the world which trains or accredits head-hunters at university level. Neither is our process capable of being covered in a single module in an HR degree. At Hallmark we train in behavioural psychology - the better to assess a good performance fit (not possible with one-size-fits-all psychometrics and assessment panels) as well as to be able to convince the best candidates to move to our clients. Secondly - we do this all the time. As we are usually only brought in for key, or hard-to-fill, positions, our comfort zones are those roles where internal HRs only engage once every year or so. We have a great relationship with our client HR-partners and work closely together on helping develop better retention programs and platforms - if you don't keep a great hire, then it was the wrong hire to begin with!

So why not try us out?

We honestly can't think of a reason why not! We've grown to become the largest, specialised recruitment agency in East Africa (and achieved that a few years after our start here). This was only possible because our clients keep coming back - and new clients keep calling up! We offer contingent terms (meaning no-hire, no-fee) and so there's no risk - either you hired an outstanding candidate, better than you could find normally, or you saw a few great candidates from us and hired from somewhere else, reinforcing your information to make a good hire. (We're confident you'll like our candidates though!

So why not try something new that can improve the quality of people in your business? Give us a call or join the conversation on social media!