We are Headhunters

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Our headhunters are trained to convert talent to hires. Often the best talent don’t want move and it’s good to have world-class talent specialists available to convince them.

We're Here to Help

Headhunters are the client-side sales wing of any search firm. Trained in behavioural psychology they convince active and passive candidates that our clients would be a good move for them. When hiring for senior positions many clients find it an unusual position to be in – how often do you need to hire for the C-suite after all?

In that situation, Hallmark Headhunters go on the offence for you. When we’ve identified the candidates who are best suited to achieve the results you want to hire for – we make sure you have the best chance at getting them on board and are with you every step of the way, supported by our researchers.


Why can't I just advertise

If you advertise you will only reach the active market of candidates and instantly exclude those who are not looking at the moment. And that passive market is usually where the best talent resides. We highly suggest you look at them too.

How much will it cost me to hire a headhunter?

It depends on the size of the role and the scarcity of the talent. Our standard fee is a percentage of the annual salary depending upon the client’s requirements.

How long does it take to hire a candidate?

It ranges. We’ve filled roles in days, weeks or months. What’s important is that you hire the best possible person according to your needs – if you engage us early we have time to do that. If you only give us three days there’s a chance we could miss the best but you’ll still hire well.

What happens if I hire a bad candidate?

We generally have a three-month period after a hire where, if they are unsuitable for some reason we can either replace them for free or refund you proportionally depending on the length of time they have been there. This occasionally happens but we’ve always replaced successfully. So far no one has ever asked for a refund.

Can you help me with junior hires?

As head-hunters we’re generally too expensive and our methods too detailed to offer an effective rate of return at junior levels. We can happily recommend you to our sister company TalentSearchAfrica¬†who specialise in the junior markets.