Research Briefs

How to assess talent

Our researchers support our headhunters to ensure that the best talent on the market is identifiable, and therefore hireable.

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Before any headhunting project can go ahead it is crucial to understand both the client companies exact needs for the role. This can be summed up by what achievements and goals the client needs fulfilled by the hire. Our researchers will then assess the market to find the candidates who can fill that need. When that is done, our headhunters will convert the best possible candidates to interview with our client.

It is important to note that our researchers target both the “active” and “passive” markets. Active candidates are currently searching for a role, submitting CVs, networking and readily available to at least have a conversation. Passive candidates are not doing this and are often resistant to approaches. During the course of a professional lifetime, all candidates will sit in an active or passive state several times. However, at any given time, if, when you are recruiting, you are ignoring the passive market, then you ignore a substantial portion of the market – and, statistically – the part where the best talent usually resides.


Do I have a need to hire?

Let’s talk about it. Telephone our Chief Researcher Kayode Dauda on +254 207 201 000

How long would it take to research the market?

You contact professional headhunters when you need the role done right. Odds are we already know most candidates in any given field. We’ve already done the work so you don’t have to – that said, we always double check for each brief in case someone slipped through the net.

How do you research?

A combination of deep internet searches using custom algorithms, monitoring of all candidates in various sectors and thousands of hours of networking in all industries.

What if there are no candidates?

There is always a candidate. Our job is not necessarily to get the best candidate – they may be too expensive or simply unwilling to move no matter what we throw at them. Our job is to get the best possible so you get the greatest value out of any hire.

Can Hallmark researchers tell me the state of the market without me hiring someone?

Occasionally. Our knowledge is our capital. But for repeat clients and people who are serious about using our services in the future we can disclose our internal salary services and market research for a small fee.